fredag 20. januar 2012

The Children Of Two Worlds

It's mid-day, Around One and Two O'clock in a quiet neighborhood in the countryside.

There is a young child(a baby) playing in the driveway , And as a young Bear-cub comes
stumbeling out of the treeline surrouinding the red house,
The children of two worlds meet for the first time.

They Both look at each other first thoughts in their existance pop in to their heads for
for the first time, and without saying it, They ask, Who are you?

And as the parents of one watch in horror, thinking to themselvs, if our child survives, Great, if not, thats okay too.

The two children approach each other without uttering a single word or sound,
as they meet next to a small pond,
They both reach out with their hand for the first time, and as their hand softly touches the others head,
They both say to the other without hesitation,


And know instantly what their journey wants from them, and as their hand leaves the other head they both go about their journey just as quickly as they meet,

And whether or not they will ever meet again, It is of no importance,

For They Know.

Love you all, Stay Sacred.

Copyright: Tommy Andre Børresen Bradahl