tirsdag 22. september 2015

Who knows


Finding something to write about, or even wanting to write anything at all is not always easy.
then again, posting ones own self is not always as fun or usefull as one might think either.

Oh well. Here we go I guess.

So I find myself seeking new people who I can talk to and get to know better, not to mention. actually care more about than I usually do. don't get me wrong, there are people I truly care deeply for in this world, they're just not easily reachable where I live. I could always turn on skype or log on to FB and have a chat there. it's just not the same, I prefere sitting down for hours on end, talking about anything and everything that takes a little while to wrap ones head around. and you just don't get to know people the same way as you would face to face.

There are a few people that I've meet the last few weeks that might actually be worth my time.
Most of them are guys and some of them are chicks. now since I'm a guy, it's rather obvious which I'm most interested in knowing better. but there's one of them that caught my eye. although it's actually not because she's a woman. It's those eyes of hers and that personality she has. for whatever reason I just really want to know her better.
the interesting part being me finding out why she's so interesting. beautiful young woman and all, but that is never a good enough reason for me to want to know people better. so why, or what is it with this woman that pulls me in the way she does?

Who knows. it's a thought.

As for me writing such stuff in what is thought of as public? again who knows, I'm not used to this stuff anyway. then again, I guess this is thought of as therapy of sorts. at least I guess I do.

Thank you for reading.

Yours truly
Tommy Andre B Bradahl

onsdag 25. september 2013


give thanks too those who  came before you, for they are the reason you have all you have, you are their legacy, as your children will be yours, their future is dependant on your choices in life, your love for life and all who holds it, or the greed for power which will kill us all, think of others and how you wish for them to treat you, and treat them thereafter, do not take the slightest thing in vain, cherrish all life and all who holds yours, give life to those who have none.

yours truly
Tommy Andre B. Bradahl

søndag 21. juli 2013


We are born, we live our lives, and in the end we die.

These are our lives, every single day since the day we where born,
we spend our days roaming around a tiny speck of space-dust called our little planet Earth.
A tiny ball of dirt, so small compared to the size of our very own Sun that its not even funny!
So to think there's such a vast Universe out there ready to be explored, the only thing our Human rase seem capable of, is finding better and more efficient ways of destroying ourselves as a god damn hobby.

We are born with questions of life, love and death, we know compassion and understanding of each others life and the problems in those lives, yet, it seems that this is something we humans have a hard time accepting as we grow older.

So we are born insane and we grow to become even more so. a prosess of which we repeat every hour of every day in our lives, never really seeing any of the beauty that is all around and inside us, simply because we fear the one thing that we all must face at the end, Our Death. we cherrish and have faith in delutions of an afterlife, God and the general fallacy that we have been created for some purpose in life.

I ask you this.
Who are you?
Who are we?
What makes you think either of us matter?
Do you think we where created? and if so? do you think we have gods that created us?

we're fragile and young creatures of little worth to the universe so far. we have achieved nothing. yes, we learn and we adapt to our ever-changing enviroment. but we never really learn for long enough.
we're too hung up on the idea that we need currency and power to be anything to ever really see beyond our own little ideas that we forget to forge great ideas together.
In the end, I will die, I don't know when, and I don't care when,

Those of us that have accepted our end in life can also see the beauty that comes with death. Our greatest delusion in life as humans is the belief in the immortal afterlife of heaven itself.

No human ever truly lives the lives we were "meant" to live, to live in peace with eachother, to create a great future, and in the end, die. in PEACE...