søndag 22. juli 2012

Human Fallacy

“I seek to completely join science and philosophy.  I do not want to be chained to earth, not physically or spiritually, what I seek is to leave earth behind in order to understand what I see whenever I gaze upon the stars and galaxies in the night-sky.”  ~~ Tommy Andre Børresen Bradahl ~~

As humanity comes closer to the free conscious one, the reality of its conclusion bears a heavy load on the human mind.  Simply by the fact that our reality of free conscious observation and thought has been diluted, censored and corrupted by the powers that be (or were).  It is a well acknowledged reality that our current train of thoughts, ideas and ways of answering cosmic questions is an obsolete idea when trying to understand our existence and what that entails for us as a species on planet earth.

Even with this knowledge in mind it is still seemingly impossible for our individual minds to perceive a different pattern than that which is visually obvious at first glance.  So is it then possible for humanity to freely perceive and understand a new and quite possibly an old way of understanding all questions asked by all minds freely choosing to become and think as one in order to truly know.  Yet, we are born with eyes expecting to see the meaning of it all.  Still the more I try, I realize that I do not seek ascension, but enlightenment through understanding all of which I am in the void called the universal mind, and that the reality in which I perceived was not an intention, nor a factor of reality in which I existed in them all as an eternal non-existing understanding of ZERO multiplied and divided by the same factor of ZERO, in an ever growing existence of everything in nothing.  Where my wave is, is found the ever flowing never fading presence of bliss in the never knowing all knowing nothing in everything that is but is not all we are as singular simultaneous vibrations of existence in our own present self-experienced presence of being of the Aeon…

Then as I contemplate the existence of reality in the ever growing perception, in the thought that we do exist, I cannot help but to think that our existence and our perception of that existence is merely us perceiving ourselves, as alive in a time and space that is merely a single Vibrating thought of a single mind,  and if that is the simple reality of our existence in this universe, we might as well have never even existed before we even came to realize our existence through the thought of existence alone.
So as I see it, to us humans the concept of “GOD” is a fallacy in the “existence” of our minds ability to actually consider thought as a process of understanding anything.   Because if “GOD” is an all-seeing and all-knowing entity of creation really did exist our minds would not.  Nor would it ever have a reason to considering free Thought at all, as that would then be an even greater fallacy.   With that in mind, is it not possible that the entire existence of our Universe is merely a coincidence of existence that happens to find itself in a multi-dimensional existence in a reality worth exploring beyond the aspect of “GOD”, especially considering the fact that we do exist.  So when “GOD” is something we don’t even have to consider.  Why can’t the human mind seem to expand beyond the point of belief, even though we know that the capabilities of the human mind far surpasses the concept of “GOD”?  Why can’t the human mind see itself as what it really is? 

A free-flowing presence of reality in an existence without the need for a higher purpose other than to know and understanding all of what is, without the need to be anything but what we are.  What I feel and know is that my Heart and Mind wants to expand beyond the boundaries of Earth, where I will seek to understand, and explore the universe by answering all questions asked by my mind - where I will seek to teach understanding of all perceptions, to create a world where the human race lives in balance and peace, and not just by being one with the Earth and its energy but through the Knowledge found in seeking to understand what we do not.   We all know that understanding and searching for greater knowledge and understanding is one of our best attributes in life.  Yet we still let singular groups of people “lead” us into the so-called better tomorrow, with no other thought in mind but to completely dominate and control us through fear and the deception of the masses.

The problem of which is that we keep fighting each-other because of borders, religions and economic bullshit that leads us into WAR.  Then forget the fact that we are here to ask questions, and to think about anything and everything so that we can question and understand it all.

Now for a final little Thought for you who are refusing to contemplate or even fathom that there is most likely an infinite amount of ways in Life.

For ONCE, just listen and question EVERYTHING and no matter what – WAKE THE FUCK UP.

Copyright © 2012 Tommy Andre Børresen Bradahl

fredag 20. januar 2012

The Children Of Two Worlds

It's mid-day, Around One and Two O'clock in a quiet neighborhood in the countryside.

There is a young child(a baby) playing in the driveway , And as a young Bear-cub comes
stumbeling out of the treeline surrouinding the red house,
The children of two worlds meet for the first time.

They Both look at each other first thoughts in their existance pop in to their heads for
for the first time, and without saying it, They ask, Who are you?

And as the parents of one watch in horror, thinking to themselvs, if our child survives, Great, if not, thats okay too.

The two children approach each other without uttering a single word or sound,
as they meet next to a small pond,
They both reach out with their hand for the first time, and as their hand softly touches the others head,
They both say to the other without hesitation,


And know instantly what their journey wants from them, and as their hand leaves the other head they both go about their journey just as quickly as they meet,

And whether or not they will ever meet again, It is of no importance,

For They Know.

Love you all, Stay Sacred.

Copyright: Tommy Andre Børresen Bradahl